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Fiber Laser Cutting

Hausman’s Nukon 4000 watt machine uses a state-of-the-art type of solid-state laser to melt and pierce metals, achieving a precise and efficient cut. The laser medium for this technology is optical fibre, as opposed to gas or crystal, giving fiber laser cutting its name.

Fiber Laser Cutting is one of the most recent technologies that has been applied in manufacturing and fabrication spaces and has quickly cemented itself across all markets, especially the metal industry, due to the precision, cut quality, and cut time it boasts. A Fiber Laser can cut a full sheet of nested parts at unrivaled speeds, with incredible precision. The fiber optic laser itself is only 200 microns in diameter, wasting next to no material during the cutting process. Our Laser makes use of Oxygen and Nitrogen depending on material and thickness, which greatly reduces processing and preparation time for part welding and or part powder coating. Following cutting, the application of laser welding further enhances productivity by providing rapid, high-quality joins that require minimal finishing.

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