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Robotic Welding

Hausman’s OTC DAIHEN FD-V8 Welder is a cutting-edge 6-axis robot optimized for arc welding and handling tasks, boasting a payload of 8kg and an impressive reach of 1437mm. Notable for its advanced features, the FD-V8 integrates numerous cables and air hoses, ensuring dust and rain protection (IP54 rated). It delivers a 1.3x payload increase and up to 15% faster operation than its competitors, alongside a 5% slimmer arm for dense installations. With a design focused on minimizing interference and supporting high-end applications, the FD-V8 stands out for its efficiency, speed, and adaptability in challenging environments​.

The OTC DAIHEN FD-V8 is a highly advanced robotic welder designed for precision and efficiency in industrial applications. It boasts a compact body with a payload capacity of 8kg and an extended reach of 1437mm, ensuring versatility across various welding tasks. The FD-V8 features integrated cables and air hoses, accommodating a wide range of tools and sensors, including AI capabilities. Its design corresponds to IP54 standards, making it dust-proof and rainproof, suitable for demanding environments. The robot arm is streamlined for speed, with a 15% increase in axis speed compared to previous models, contributing to reduced cycle times and enhanced productivity. With built-in application cables and the ability to handle high-end welding tasks like Synchro-feed, the FD-V8 is engineered for minimal interference and optimal performance in high-density installations.

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