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HVAC / Ventilation

Hausman Metal Works and Roofing has the ability to successfully complete any heating, ventilating and air conditioning project – no matter how big or small your project may be.

“Built on HVAC”

Hausman Metal Works was built on HVAC as one of its primary original offerings and has grown to be highly competitive in this arena. We have our own Lock Former “U” Coil Line that produces L Duct sections at an amazing rate, including an insulation section. Our field crews are second to none and strictly follow SMACNA protocols giving our customers the best systems in the region. Our office staff utilizes Trimble AutoBid Software making us a true leader for HVAC solutions.

“Dust Collection Systems”

To further enhance our capabilities in air management systems, Hausman Metal Works has integrated advanced dust collection systems. These systems are essential for ensuring clean and safe air conditions in workshops and manufacturing facilities. By effectively capturing and removing airborne particles and contaminants, our dust collection systems help in maintaining compliance with health and safety regulations and in promoting a healthier workplace. This additional service underscores our commitment to providing comprehensive environmental solutions that support the operational needs of our clients.

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